CE Certification Consulting

CE Solutions

Enerdoor specializes in the measurement and analysis of electromagnetic compatibility of systems in accordance with 2004/108/EC Directive and FCC Part 15.  The CE Directive has been in force since January 1996 and dictates that all electric and electronic components in machinery and manufacturing plants must meet the minimum requirements as indicated by the Directive.  Enerdoor provides filter solutions to meet the conducted, radiated, and immunity test requirements and utilizes mobile laboratories to perform necessary tests at the customer’s facility.  

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Enerdoor CE Certification and Consulting highlights include:

  • Testing in the field since 1988
  • Enerdoor works closely with the CE Standards committee in Europe
  • Complete reporting and documentation of testing results
  • Electromagnetic compatibility testing in accordance with the Directive 2014/30/EU
  • Non-ionized radiation test in accordance with the Directive 2013/35/EU
  • Test and problem solving for low and high frequency disturbance in manufacturing machinery and production facilities
  • Technical reports for the EMC Directive 2014/30/EU and final certificate from notified body
  • Electro-smog test in accordance with the European exposure limit
  • Technical training for the Directive

EMC Measurement and Standard Reference

Enerdoor performs specific compliance testing in the following, but not limited to, markets:

Machine tools, wind power generation, solar power generation, medical devices, household appliances, welding devices, UPS systems, power systems, laboratory instruments and servo drives. 

Reference Standard

Emission Test

EN 55011/EN 55022

Radiated emission

EN 55014

Radiated power

EN 55011/EN 55022/EN 55014

Conducted emission

EN 61000-3-2 / EN 61000-3-12

Harmonic emission

Reference Standard

Immunity Test

EN 61000-4-2

Electro static discharge immunity test

EN 61000-4-3

Radiated radio frequency immunity test

EN 61000-4-4

Electrical fast transient burst immunity test

EN 61000-4-5

Surge immunity test

EN 61000-4-6

Conducted radio frequency immunity test

EN 61000-4-8

Power frequency magnetic field immunity test

EN 61000-4-9

Pulse magnetic field immunity test

EN 61000-4-11

Voltage dips and voltage variation immunity test

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