Protect Equipment From RF Noise and Overvoltage Spikes

Enerdoor three phase parallel filters provide protection from variable frequency drives, SCRs, controllers, and other high commutation electrical equipment. Only one model is needed for any current range as it is not current dependent and works with any amperage. This filter is unique because it is compact and attenuates RF noise in lower frequencies than other EMI filters.

This series is especially beneficial where VFDs and servo drives generate the highest RF noise interference. Many Enerdoor customers use this affordable solution to avoid equipment malfunctions and production downtime; which reduces technical service costs and increases profits.

Applications for Parallel Filters:
CNC Machines
Recharging Stations
Multiple Drive Applications
Renewable Energy
SCR Applications

When used in conjunction with other Enerdoor series, this combination ensures EMI-RFI protection for equipment in any environment.

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