Keep Your Motors Running with Enerdoor Motor Protection

Enerdoor's motor protection series protects motors from harmful overvoltage and dV/dt spikes generated by the drive’s output.  This is particularly useful for applications with variable frequency drives and servo drives. Enerdoor solutions include common mode and differential mode chokes, sine wave filters, and snubbers; all of which are designed to work with various carrier frequencies, output frequencies, and applications.

Benefits of Enerdoor Motor Protection:

  • Increase motor life
  • Protect motor windings, insulation and bearings
  • Protect against voltage spikes on the motor 
  • Works with various carrier frequencies, output frequencies, and applications
  • Output frequencies up to 3 kHz using high-performance material that run at ambient temps
  • Reduce motor temperature; very low power loss
  • Pass European emission Standards; Carries CE and UL approvals

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