EMI-RFI Filters for VFDs and Servo Drives

Following the VFD and servo-drive specifications is not always sufficient to guarantee a system complies with the CE Certification and IEC Standards because components and systems as a whole have to adhere to less stringent Standards. Often enough, if a system is not meeting the correct Standard, installing an Enerdoor EMI-RFI filter will not only solve this issue, it will also exceed expectations.

Enerdoor’s EMI filters for VFDs and servo drives offer:

1)   On-site real time solutions

2)   Both in lab on-site testing is available

3)   Protects the entire machine instead of only the drive

4)   Low leakage current to avoid GFI interruption

5)   Fixed cost per project – with no extra charges

6)   Guaranteed solution

Enerdoor has been manufacturing EMI-RFI filters since 1992.  The unique combination of being an EMI-RFI filter manufacturer and decades of experience with Enerdoor EMC mobile laboratories has allowed Enerdoor to comprise a list of filters compatible with the major variable frequency drive and servo drive manufacturers of the world. 

Download Enerdoor's White Paper to find out more about EMI-RFI solutions and comparison filters vs drive manufacturers.

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