CE Certification With Industry Leader

As one of the largest EMI-RFI filter manufacturers in the world, Enerdoor also offers a flat rate, on-site CE Certification and consulting service. 

Benefits of Being CE compliant

When equipment is CE compliant, facilities run more efficiently, which results in both logistical and economical benefits. CE compliant equipment reduces emissions that can negatively affect other machinery and also protects machinery from non-compliant equipment causing external radio frequency (RF) interference. These benefits save time and money by avoiding production downtime due to EMI-RFI issues. CE is also a recognized Certification for the majority of the countries in the world. 

Do you need CE testing?  If you ship products or equipment overseas, the answer is yes. 

Enerdoor is here to help your company achieve worldwide regulation and Standard approvals. All complete OEM equipment must meet CE Standards, and generally follow these three major Directives:

  • EMC Directive 2014/30EU
  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU

Have you ever had RF or electrical issues?

Enerdoor solves RF and electrical issues due to switching frequency devices such as: VFDs, servo drives, power supplies and SCRs.  

Do you know the majority of sensor failures are due to electrical spikes and radio frequency interference?

Radio frequency interference inside your cabinet can disturb sensors and other sensitive, low-voltage devices. Safety sensors, for example, may trip unexpectedly from RF interference, prompting the machine to immediately shut down causing production downtime and costly repairs.  

How often do you need to repeat CE Certification?

As long as the critical components listed in the EMC Directive do not change, there is no need to ever re-test the machine. Prior to testing, Enerdoor makes recommendations that often allow one test to certify an entire family of equipment instead of just one machine.

What is the difference between Enerdoor and other CE and EMC test service providers?

Enerdoor has specialized in the measurement and analysis of CE Certification and EMC testing for over 25 years, providing service to customers around the world. Our flat rate, on-site testing is unique in the industry, as is our pledge to not leave your facility until a solution is found. Enerdoor engineers assist customers through a portion or the entirety of the CE Certification process.

Enerdoor offers several fully equipped EMC mobile laboratories, complete with engineers with decades of on-site experience. At Enerdoor we pride ourselves in working with customers to find real time solutions and offer recommendations to minimize potential radio-frequency interference that may cause malfunctions inside the machine or to other devices. 

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