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Enerdoor Attends 2010 Windpower Exhibition

Enerdoor attended the 2010 Windpower Exhibition in Dallas, TX. The visitors to the Enerdoor booth learned many interesting facts about the Enerdoor EMC and RFI filter solutions. Many visitors reported their experience with EMC noise problems. Enerdoor introduced their new DC series filter up to 2500Amps at this event.

Enerdoor at 2010 Windpower Exhibition

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Enerdoor Adds EMC Laboratory in the United States

Enerdoor US EMC Laboratory

March 2010

Enerdoor has added an EMC Laboratory in the United States in an addition to three existing laboratories located in Europe. The Enerdoor EMC Laboratory allows us to provide maximum support to our customers by testing their machine directly on-site. With our 20 years of experience, Enerdoor can comply your machine at a reduced cost. We utilize a wide array of Enerdoor filters to find the best possible solution for your equipment. The U.S. Enerdoor Laboratory is able to comply machinery to the European Standard 2004/108/EC and FCC part 15.

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Enerdoor Introduces DC Filters for Solar Renewable Applications

Enerdoor soon will be introducing a new DC filter series for Solar Renewable applications. The new series are called FIN1220.0V and FIN1520.0V and are capable up to 2500 Amps. The standard input voltage is 1000VDC. For additional information please contact us.

Enerdoor DC Filter

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Enerdoor Introduces Active Harmonic Filter FINHRMA

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November 2009 Enerdoor introduced the Active Harmonic filter FINHRMA in November at the SPS Nuremberg exhibition. The HRMA filter eliminates the distortion caused by non linear loads and is capable of improving power factor by minimizing the reactive power generated by the load. The HRMA is available from 60 to 300 Amps up to 600VAC. The HRMA...

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